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14" Ranch Axe - Land Clearing Tree Shears
Cutting Implement for land clearing  

The Cut Above

The 14" Ranch Axe Tree Shear

The Dymax 14" Ranch Axe Tree Shear is the premier tree shear available today for skid steer loaders working in pasture cleanup and general land clearing. Dymax is the only manufacturer to offer SOLID CAST SHEARING ARMS on the skid steer 14” shear line. The solid cast arms are 60% stronger than the competitions'.

With a design based upon proven technology and years of experience, these rugged, dependable tools provide thousands of hours of effective pasture reclamation. Dymax Ranch Axe Tree Shears can be found clearing pastures all over North America. From moisture hogging cedars, junipers, osage orange (hedge), mesquite, oak, locust and many other species, the Dymax 14” Ranch Axe Tree Shear slices and dices a variety of woods.

Dymax Ranch Axe Tree Shears are the standard to which others aspire. There are no finer Tree Shears in the market today than Dymax!

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The Dymax 14" Ranch Axe Tree Shear features:

  • Near Ground Level Cutting
  • Standard Solid Cast Shear Arms which are 60% stronger than the competitions'
  • Open end shearing arms are designed for cutting cedars and mesquite in specific regions of North America
  • Replaceable shear blades comprised of high tensile steel and can easily be sharpened
  • Extremely powerful shearing cylinders
  • Convenient hose routing to hard-line cylinders
  • 3" Chrome Plated Pivot Pins and replaceable CATERPILLAR® bushings
  • Blade adjustment and stop mechanism which allows blades to be realigned anywhere in the field
  • Optional Brush-Guard, Push-Bar or Single Arm Grapple
  • Optional 2.8 gallon sprayer system
Contact Dymax Sales for more information 1-800-530-5407 or sales@dymaxattachments.com


 Skid Steer Loader Ranch Axe  
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Watch the Dymax Ranch Axe in action.

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Ranch Axe Land Clearing
Tree Shear Specifications
  Ranch Axe
Weight: lbs Height: in Width: in Recommended
14" Ranch Axe 5" Bore
10" Stroke
3" Rod
1,630 23.25 66 Standard
Ranch Axe
with push bar
5" Bore
10" Stroke
3" Rod
1,740 37.70 66 Standard
Ranch Axe
with brush guard
5" Bore
10" Stroke
3" Rod
1,820 50.25 66 Standard
Ranch Axe
with single
grapple arm
5" Bore
10" Stroke
3" Rod
1,950 44.50 66 Standard
Other / Custom Call Call Call Call Call


Machine Rated
Operating Capacity: lbs
Hydraulic Flow
Requirement: gpm
Hydraulic Pressure
Requirement: psi
14” Ranch Axe

Base Model,
Pushbar, or
1,850 (minimum) 15 (minimum) 2,000 (minimum)

3,000 (maximum)
14” Ranch Axe

with Single Grapple Arm
2,250 (minimum) 15 (minimum) 2,000 (minimum)

3,000 (maximum)


Dymax Ranch Axe and Timberwolf Tree Shears are setup with universal skid steer coupler hooks and work on most models of ASV, Bobcat, Caterpillar, Case, Deere, Gehl, Komatsu, Mustang, New Holland, Rayco, Thomas, and Volvo skid steer loaders.


The Ranch Axe Series Landclearing Tree Shears are designed and manufactured by Dymax. Dymax has been designing and manufacturing custom construction equipment attachments since 1986. To learn more about Dymax, and to view our entire product catalog, click here.


Dymax sells only to authorized equipment dealers. Contact us for a list of dealers in your area - please include your city, state and zip code.

e-mail: sales@dymaxattachments.com
phone: 1-800-530-5407

Dymax 402 Miller Drive - PO Box 297 - Wamego, KS 66547 - USA
phone: 1-800-530-5407 fax: 785-456-8328
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