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Versatile.  Efficient.  Unmatched.

Fixed Boom – Standard Flow 30”
Fixed Boom – High Flow 38”

Finally a tree saw from a name you know and trust.

The Dymax Qwiksaw is the dividing cut above all others and delivers high speed power packed performance. Like all Dymax products the Dymax Qwiksaw is backed by the highest level of support and service in the industry. The Dymax Qwiksaw features rugged construction, superior design and carbide teeth which are guaranteed to stay tight.

Ideal for working in pasture reclamation and general land clearing, the Dymax Qwiksaw works great for all types of hardwoods and softwoods. Whether you’re cutting cedar, hedge, mesquite, locust or pine you will have a smile on your face.

Dymax offers the most experience, superior reliability, service and support. We understand what it takes to keep the customer operating.


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Dymax Standard Flow and High Flow Fixed Boom Qwiksaws feature :

  • Rugged Construction
  • Superior design
  • Carbide teeth are guaranteed to stay tight 
  • Can be equipped with optional spray system
  • Hose kits are available
  • 1/2” thick cutting disk, 30” disk, 12 teeth for standard flow models
  • 1/2” thick cutting disk, 38” disk, 12 teeth for high flow models
  • Standard flow models are capable of cutting up to 10” diameter trees while high flow models handle up to 14” diameter trees.
Contact Dymax Sales for more information 1-800-530-5407 or sales@dymaxattachments.com


 Dymax Fixed Boom- Standard Flow 30” and High Flow 38”

Watch the Dymax QWIKSAW tree saw in action.


for Qwiksaw Land Clearing Tree Saws

Disk Rated Capacity Number of Teeth RPMs (subject to GPM) Weight (lbs)

Fixed Boom
Standard Flow 30”

30” dia
½” thick

10” tree dia 12 1200-1950 1,010

Fixed Boom
High Flow 38”

38” dia
½” thick

14” tree dia 12 1200-1750 1,120
Other/Custom Call Call Call Call Call



Dymax Qwiksaw’s are available in standard flow or high flow models. Both models feature high efficiency USA made hydraulic motors which yield high speed and torque. High flow models require case drain on machine. Standard flow models operate through standard auxiliary lines.


Qwiksaw Model

Machine Rated Operating Capacity: lbs

Hydraulic FlowRequirement: gpm

Hydraulic Pressure Requirement: psi (Max)

Case Drain Required Relief Valve Setting (PSI)
Fixed Boom – Standard Flow 30” 1750lbs 18-27 GPM 3,500 No 3,500
Fixed Boom – High Flow 38” 2200lbs 28-41 GPM 3,500 Yes 3,500


Dymax Standard Flow Qwiksaw requires machine to have at least 18-27 GPM and 1750lbs of lifting capacity. Dymax High Flow Qwiksaws requires machine to have at least 28-41GPM and 2200lbs of lifting capacity. All machines must have full cab enclosures for operating any Dymax Qwiksaw.


The Qwiksaw Land Clearing Tree Saws are designed and manufactured by Dymax. Dymax has been designing and manufacturing custom construction equipment attachments since 1986. To learn more about Dymax, and to view our entire product catalog, click here.


Dymax sells only to authorized equipment dealers. Contact us for a list of dealers in your area - please include your city, state and zip code.

e-mail: sales@dymaxattachments.com
phone: 1-800-530-5407

Dymax 402 Miller Drive - PO Box 297 - Wamego, KS 66547 - USA
phone: 1-800-530-5407 fax: 785-456-8328
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